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Growing up in Yonkers Times during the Cold War

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    By Ann Muro

    February 2024, will mark the two-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, an
    invasion that remains sad, scary and sinful. Through the media, we are allowed to view what
    transpired not only on military grounds but in residential areas, hospitals and more.

    The Russian invasion has united so many of us with shared feelings of sadness and compassion.
    Compassion should not be based on one’s religion, ethnicity or ideology, but rather for one’s love
    for his fellow man.

    Today when we hear about a Cold War, it is interesting to note here that when my parents moved
    to the Colonial Heights section of Yonkers, it was during a “cold war” Colonial Heights was,
    (and still is) a beautiful diverse neighborhood with schools, synagogues, and churches nearby

    The Cold War was with the United States with Russia and communism in democracy. Also, to
    put it simply it meant that while we may have had so-called enemies out there, we were not
    involved in a war militarily but as my teachers would say “nominally at peace.”

    The one thing I will never forget, has to do with the “fallout shelters” that many in the area had
    put in. One day a man came to our home, selling fallout shelters. He asked my father if he
    wanted a fallout shelter built under the house. He said canned foods, water, and other things
    would be stored in the shelter. He also said many families in the area had opted to have them
    built. The charge was $1000. My parents did not want one not because of the monetary inclusion
    but I guess my folks felt through hope and prayer we would overcome the Cold War.

    My cousin Gerald Celente, a trend forecaster and publisher of the Trends Journal always
    appeared on many TV shows. He said we were going into a global economy or globalization.
    Today we hear that the world is in change, but hasn’t it always been said the only thing
    permanent in life is change.


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